Essay Nursing Education Necessities

Essay Nursing Education Necessities

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For as long as there has been a formal education for nurses, there has been a debate as to what makes the necessary basics in nursing education. It is sometimes difficult to gauge what curriculum best prepares students to enter the nursing field, and the governing bodies in nursing do little to provide the best laid pathways. There is general agreement that all nursing programs need to be held on the collegiate level, but there is little agreement about whether or not a BSN should be the minimum requirement to enter the nursing field (Black). What sets the BSN apart from the ADN degree typically revolves around leadership, research, health assessment with diagnosis and the total time and placement of clinical hours. BSN students are typically better prepared to enter a broader nursing fields and succeed because of their extended education and application of what they have learned. Because the BSN students have a stronger knowledge base in leadership they are better prepared for community and outreach programs. BSN students also have a stronger background in health assessment and research which allows them to make more accurate nursing diagnoses. Additionally, these two groups of students do not experience the same level of clinical hours and nothing is more important to any nurse’s education than hands on experience guided by a professional.
A BSN student typically takes two classes based firmly in leadership. These two classes are designed around a curriculum of critical thinking mixed with basic debate. Students are encouraged in these classes to think critically about nursing as a career. It is here that these students first learn to determine their own professional goals and knowledge defecits through analysis, pri...

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