Nursing Career Paths For Nurses Essay

Nursing Career Paths For Nurses Essay

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Nurses are involved with nearly all aspects of a patient’s care, from providing comfort and hygiene to giving medications, and updating medical records. A wide range of career opportunities is open to registered nurses. A nurse may pursue many nursing career paths. Those paths span from pediatrics to geriatrics, part-time, full-time, clinics to specialized roles. Interpersonal communications in nursing comes in good deal with patients that can be bad and good. Nursing has become one of the most respected professions in the world. Saving lives, healing the body, and touching the heart of those in need are the blessings of a nurse.
Nurses can be a registered nurse with a two-or four-year to obtaining a master’s degree. A person interested in a nursing career should prepare early by taking certain classes in high school, such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology, and psychology. These classes will give you a “head start” for your classes in college. To get a registered nurse (RN) credential, most nurses attend an accredited two- or three-year associate degree program at a vocational school or community college or some obtain a diploma through a hospital program. Other RNs may attend a four-year college to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). To advance their career, RNs may choose to be certified in specialty areas. RNs might also advance themselves even further by earning a Master of Science degree (MSN). Both classroom instruction and clinical experience is core to nursing programs. Required courses are anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, psychology, and nursing courses. Supervised clinical experiences may be offered through hospitals, nursing care facilities...

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... respect for each other in work force, but have respect for patients, first.
The field of nursing provides diverse professional growth opportunities. Nurses can work just about anywhere doctors work...hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, hospice, and more. Some nurses also work in other areas where doctors normally do not work, including home health and schools. Over half of the nurses work in hospitals. Nursing offers very high job stability along with many options to advancing to specialized nursing careers with additional education and/or on the-job training. Also, many nurses like the rewarding nature of nursing work. It allows them to impact the lives of others who are in need and communicate with patients, family, and co workers. They are saving lives, healing the sick, and passionate about the human spirit. These are the many blessings of a nurse.

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