Nursing : A Very Diverse Career Choice Essay

Nursing : A Very Diverse Career Choice Essay

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Nursing is a very diverse career. There are so many focuses and practices that one interested in this field could choose from. Today, nurses are earning more credibility and responsibility in the medical field. When starting to think about a career in nursing, there is a specialty out there for everyone. Not every prospective nurse is interested in the same area. Today, nurses have an option to choose which area they want to work in whether that be a school nurse, trauma nurse, or research nurse. The options are infinite.
Keywords: Diverse, focus, credibility, responsibility, option, infinite, specialty.
Johnson & Johnson: A look into Nursing Careers
Every nurse has a specialty they are interested in. Some nurses can handle blood and guts, and others would rather work in a school setting, assessing sick children. No matter the personal interest, there is most likely a perfect fit for anyone in a nursing career. Nurses are arising all over the world, becoming not only a popular career choice, but a prominent one as well. To further understand the difference among fields in nursing, three specialties and their respective requirements will be analyzed:
1. Labor and Delivery Nurses
2. Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
3. Transplant Nurses
Johnson & Johnson has developed a great website, informing nursing hopefuls on the vast amount of careers that can be acquired and what they entail education wise. It also breaks down duties and characteristics, so one can determine if it is an appropriate fit for them. Every field in nursing is important and serves a purpose to the well-being of all the patients treated. No matter where one may travel in a hospital, it is likely to find nurse in every section. Behind every good doctor, there i...

... middle of paper ..., they will need to pass the (NCLEX-RN) and begin working as an RN, gaining experience in critical care, intensive care or medical surgical nursing to prepare for the transplant nursing certification exam. Once that is passed, one will earn the title of a Certified Transplant Nurse (Johnson&Johnson).
When an individual is interested in beginning a career in nursing, they have taken on a demanding yet rewarding process. There are one hundred and four specialties to choose from when deciding a career focus (Johnson&Johnson). The tools to succeed in these highly skilled fields are readily available, however it is up to the student to decide what to do with them, or how hard they will try to be the absolute best. The amount of work it takes to become a nurse is strenuous and rigorous, but at the end of each day you will be making a difference in someone else’s life.

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