Essay Nurses Use Critical Thinking Skills

Essay Nurses Use Critical Thinking Skills

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Each nurse has their own set of values and practices that affect how they care for patients. Through my education I have been well informed about all of the parts of nursing that will make a great nurse. All patients deserve equal care and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I want to be a nurse that focuses on educating patients on how to better their quality of life. Each patient should be treated with a holistic approach and be a part of their own care. I want to give back to my community by educating and helping people better their lives.

Nursing combines many exceptional skills in order to help people promote healthy lifestyles. Nurses are acknowledged as leaders in the community through the education of prevention. Nurses use critical thinking skills in order to detect and educate patients on potential risk factors. Once the risk factors are identified nurses are also able to educate patients on how to correct or decrease the risk of getting the disease. Nurses are able to make a difference in the overall health of communities and use their various skills and technology to make a great change. If every nurse had a focus on prevention, it would make our community, patients, and our own families a lot healthier.
When patients are ill, it becomes the nurse’s goal to restore the patient back to optimal health. Nurses will use the nursing process as a guide for the best treatment and goals for patients. Nurses will analyze all interventions for relevance as well as the benefits versus risk for patients. Nurses are often the first to notice gaps or problems in patient’s treatments and care. When such problems are recognized it is the responsibility of the nurse to collaborate with other professionals to fi...

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... be a well-informed nurse that uses evidence based practice to be as safe as possible and to promote patient outcomes.
When I am a nurse I will be always conscious of my own personal beliefs and ethical standards. Once I have a grasp on my own beliefs, I will be well educated and respectful towards other cultures because I would want my beliefs to be respected in the same way. Even if I do not know something about a culture, I will respectfully ask the patient. I want to make sure that I do not do something incorrectly or make them feel as if I am disrespecting their culture. My philosophy often boils down to the golden rule, treat everyone how you would like to be treated. As a nurse it will be my goal to become what the patient needs at that time. In order to do so I focus on my patients and work, so that I do not become distracted by things in my personal life.

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