Nurses Should Become A Pediatric Nurse Essay

Nurses Should Become A Pediatric Nurse Essay

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Nurses are very important to the world. They help in every age group from newborn to ones’ death bead. Nurses can be dated back to 1851, Florence Nightingale was the first nurse (Selanders). Dr. Pretendus should keep the nursing major. I am wanting to become a pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse is a regular nurse who takes care of patient’s age’s preemies to eighteen years old. The nursing program is doing very well and has a ninety-eight percentage passing rate. Nursing is one of the biggest majors on campus and it has the most students in the programs out of all the other majors. Nurses will always be needed in the world for multiple reasons. They are needed to help us if we are sick, injured, or in need of any type of help or assistance. Every Wednesday the nursing programs put on Wellness Wednesday, where students, faculty, and staff members can get their health checked out for free. You can get your bone density, weight, hearing, sight, blood sugar, and blood pressure, if you are of faculty or staff, checked. If the world would not have nurses it would be chaos. There would be sick people everywhere and almost everyone would have some type of illness. The Doctors would not have enough time in their work day to see every patient in their waiting room because it would take too much time to see each patient, nurses are the main ones to see the patients throughout the day. Doctors do not always see the patients depending on how minor or major the illness is and if they only need a shot or not. Nurses can be life savers, they help people in hospitals, doctor offices, schools, at home, in public, and many other places.
Chan, Sewell. "A Hospital Takes in the Tiniest of Survivors." 6 September 2005. The New York Times. Web. 4 Novemb...

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... the first woman awarded the Order of Merit. She was a very skilled women thanks to her father who has taught her multiple useful and informational things. At the Intuition of Protestant Deaconesses at Kaiserswerth in Germany she learned her nursing skills. In 1853, the Crimean War started a year later she went to the war and served the wounded. In 1855, she came down with Crimean fever and was confined to her bed for 25 years. She met with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1856 to discuss his need for reform in the British military. Florence was considered the first nurse in the world. This will help me by getting the history of nursing and where it originated from and from whom. I can use this to provide information on a powerful influence to women in the nursing world. Also to say that she has accomplished many things that others could possibly accomplish. (200)

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