Nurses ' Perception Of Caring For Dying Patients Essay examples

Nurses ' Perception Of Caring For Dying Patients Essay examples

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The nursing discipline embodies a whole range of skills and abilities that are aimed at maximizing one’s wellness by minimizing harm. As one of the most trusted professions, we literally are some’s last hope and last chance to thrive in life; however, in some cases we may be the last person they see on earth. Many individuals dream of slipping away in a peaceful death, but many others leave this world abruptly at unexpected times. I feel that is a crucial part to pay attention to individuals during their most critical and even for some their last moments and that is why I have peaked an interest in the critical care field. It is hard to care for someone who many others have given up on and how critical care nurses go above and beyond the call of duty. I chose McCallum’s and McConigley’s (2013) article, “Nurses’ perception of caring for dying patients in an open critical care unit: a descriptive exploratory study,” because this article provided more information on how important it is for a nurse to provide aspects of caring in order to create an environment ideal to the patient. The role of a critical care nurse is to provide high quality care for the patient and their loved ones, especially in an open unit because usually the space is shared with another patient due to lack of rooms. It can be very troublesome for a patient facing mortality or critical needs in an area surrounded by strangers who might handle their own situation in a worse manner.
This article was a study that was completed in an open care unit and the purpose of this experiment was to gain an insight into the caring factors [labeled in this article as themes] that made providing care for patients post-surgery or patients facing mortality (McCall...

... middle of paper ... future nurses serve as protectors for their patients and maintain a holistic healing environment for the patient and the patient’s families. Research from one area of nursing may not always cover the whole spectrum of health and therefore that creates more opportunities for more research to be conducted. This research could next time focus on the responses of what matters most to the patient in order to create a healing environment from different age groups amongst the patients and their families.
Nursing is a wonderful discipline full of many opportunities for improvement. It is in the best interest of a nurse to provide high quality holistic care and to maintain a healing environment. By attending the end-of-life needs of the patient, the physical needs and the spiritual needs, the nurse can impact others in a positive manner in the long run.

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