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Nurses Collaborating As Partners With Physicians Essay example

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Nurses Collaborating as Partners with Physicians in Improving Healthcare
Katie Workman
Weber State University
Nurses Collaborating as Partners with Physicians in Improving Healthcare
What would be the ideal healthcare system? The health care system is complex. It is always evolving and improving. There are many different opinions and points of view. Despite being so complex healthcare and those who provide it have a common goal of, among other things, providing quality care and positive patient outcomes (“Working together”, 2015). In the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) report titled “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Healthcare,” the IOM recommends that as part of improving healthcare “nurses should be full partners with physicians and other healthcare professionals in redesigning healthcare in the US” (Nursing, 2011, p.221). This paper discusses how nurse-physician collaboration and partnership effect healthcare, barriers to collaboration, solutions to aid teamwork, and the benefits of nurse leadership.

Effects of Nurse-Physician Collaboration on Health Care
Communication and collaboration between nurses and doctors has a large impact on the patients that depend on them. Interdisciplinary collaboration encourages teamwork and positively impacts patient outcomes, quality of care, healthcare costs, length of stay in facilities, and job satisfaction for health care professionals (Nursing, 2011). Studies show that collaboration is vital for improved outcomes for patients. On the other hand a team that does not work side by side can negatively effects patients and healthcare. “The lack of effective collaboration has been cited as a major root cause of over 70% of major medical errors and cost the centers for Medicare an...

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... but it is achievable. Collaboration can significantly improve healthcare and the positively affect the people who use it. The future of healthcare should be to have nurses leading and partnering with physicians to provide superior care and improve patient outcomes.

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