Essay on Nurses And Patient Care And Well Being

Essay on Nurses And Patient Care And Well Being

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Pharmacists play a key role in patient care and well-being. Not only do quality pharmacists dispense prescriptions to their patient’s, but they also consul them on how to get superior results. By maintain a thoughtful relationship and open communication with patients, pharmacists are able to best access their patient’s needs. As a pharmacist, it would be my goal to have that strong relationship with my patients. My dad personally struggled with taking his prescriptions, as most individuals diagnosed with severe clinical depression do. Clearly it is not his pharmacist’s fault my dad didn’t take his medication before it was too late. His pharmacist simply did his job. However, as a pharmacist, I would go above and beyond, the extra mile, to access my patients and give the finest care and advice possible. Apart from the ability to help people, this career would give me a comfortable salary, job outlook, and opportunities for advancement. Lastly, the education and qualities required are a perfect fit for me.
With $116,670 as the medial annual wage for pharmacists in May 2012, pharmacists certainly have a favorable salary. More specially, the median annual salary in Iowa is approximately $110,000. While Iowa’s average salary is somewhat lower than the national average, the best paying states include Alaska, Maine, California, Vermont, and Delaware. The highest salaries are given to pharmacists working in general merchandize stores and department stores, while the lowest go to those in hospitals and grocery stores. Most pharmacists work full time, though about one in five also work part time. A career is pharmacy would benefit me greatly, allowing me to live a comfortable lifestyle. It’s important to me that my family wouldn’t have to ...

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...independent pharmacies, pharmacists may be able to move up the ladder to become an owner or part owner. To do this, the pharmacist would have to gain experience, demonstrate their abilities and learning, and secure the necessary finances. Next, those in chain drugstores may be promoted to pharmacy supervisors or managers, on to district or regional mangers, and then even to executive positions at the company’s headquarters. Pharmacists working in a hospital also may be promoted to supervisory positions. Those working in the pharmaceutical industry may advance in areas including marketing, sales, research, or quality control. Lastly, pharmacists may even choose to work as a college professor, sharing their knowledge with the next generation of pharmacists. Having a career with opportunities for advancement will further motivate me to put forth my full effort each day.

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