Nurse Staffing And Infection Rates Essay

Nurse Staffing And Infection Rates Essay

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The three studies discussed had a few remarkable similarities. The P value of all three studies was set at 0.05. Although the studies found that nurse staffing characteristics are significantly correlated with higher infection rates, none of them were able to prove causality. Since the studies used data from hospitals only, it limits the generalizability of the results to other healthcare environments. The researchers of the studies all mention that there are gaps in the literature regarding nurse staffing and infection rates. Because of this, these studies are all descriptive to examine the relationship between variables. Researchers suggest further exploratory research to be done to prove causality so that changes can occur in nurse management to decrease the proposed impact of nurse staffing on infection rates.
Important differences amongst the studies included the infection types included in the research and tools utilized to measure staffing characteristics. Cimiotti et al. (2012) used CAUTI and surgical site infections because they were the most prevalent infections seen in the sample of hospitals chosen for the study, and because patients on any unit had the risk of acquiring them. Rogowski et al. (2013) measured blood and CSF infections, but provided no reasoning as to why these two infection types were included and others were excluded. An advantage of the Daud-Gallottie et al. (2012) study is that it was prospective, allowing for more control than a retrospective study. This also allowed for the researchers to track all HAIs without limitations, which increases the generalizability of nurse staffing’s impact on all HAIs.
The tool used by Cimiotti et al. (2012) was the MBI-HSS, which includes 22 Likert questions relat...

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...and extremely costly to those involved. There are many risk factors attributable to acquiring an HAI. One risk factor pertinent to the field of nursing is nurse staffing, which includes burnout and disproportionate nurse-to-patient ratios. Cimiotti et al. (2012), Daud-Gallotti et al. (2012), and Rogowski et al. (2013) conducted research studies exploring nurse staffing and its relationship with HAIs using different designs, sample populations, and methods. Although the researchers similarly found that there was a positive correlation between the variables, causation could not be established. Because of this, further research must be conducted in order to create change. A patient’s infection risk will never be zero during treatment in a healthcare facility, but healthcare providers have the duty and power to make the environment safer for the patients and themselves.

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