Nurse 's First Year Of Practice Essay

Nurse 's First Year Of Practice Essay

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The nurse’s first year of practice is the time to acquire new skills and build knowledge and confidence upon the same. Due to deficiency of skills, practical experience, and conflicts in the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge during the initial phase of their employment, Registered Nurses (RN) face a lot of problems and challenges. Due to these gaps of knowledge, fresh graduates have a lot of stress to perform equivalent to the experienced nurses, which they find difficult. Due to this self-expectation and the expectation on the part of employers and senior nurses newly qualified nurses feel a lot of stress. Fresh nurses consider themselves ready to perform at the new job placements but find themselves not on par with the other staff and get stressed. In addition to this stress factor, bullying and rudeness by the senior nurses reduce the self-confidence of the fresh graduates which hampers in their performance.
Due to the above-mentioned factors, there occurs attrition in the fresh nursing professionals strength both nationally as well as internationally which is a major concern to the health managers globally. In addition to this, another factor which worries the health managers is the aging population of the registered nurses resulting in a reduction of numbers due to their premature retirement and superannuation.There is a need to find the solutions to destress the newly appointed nurses, as well as problems faced by the aging nurses, should be taken care of to reduce the level of attrition amongst the nursing professionals.
Challenges faced by newly qualified nurses
Making the transition from being a student to a Registered Nurse (RN) presents challenges and difficulties (Whitehead, 2011). Th...

... middle of paper ... staff, it is imperative some measures are taken to tackle these challenges. Research by Chan, Tam, Lung, Wong and Chau suggests that hospital management and nurse managers are in a position to reorganize staffing levels and hence manage workloads (2012). They suggested that interventions like supportive work environment with better two-way communication can improve job satisfaction levels. They also recommended increased external rewards such as decreased working hours, more opportunities for career advancement and widening pay scale. Self-scheduling strategy, which is used in the USA, has shown to improve shift-work tolerance (Shacklock & Brunetto, 2012). Changes in the hospital administration system, where more nurses participate in managerial and policy changes, resulting in a rise in commitment to the organization and higher retention rate (Tsai & Wu, 2010).

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