Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers Essay

Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers Essay

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Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers
Every individual in the world deserves to enjoy health and wellness. Maintaining or achieving proper health needs enables individuals to be productive at work and leisure. Traditionally, many people have had barriers obtaining adequate healthcare due to economic constraints or personal inconveniences. Despite impressive technological advances in medicine, the challenge of delivering quality healthcare to the Americans continues to be debated amongst the nation’s political and healthcare leaders. The aging baby-boomers and the increased number of uninsured people add to the equation of population growth which results in limited access to primary healthcare for the entire public. On the other hand, this has ignited the need for advanced practiced registered nurses to unveil the profession’s fullest potential. Nurse practitioners have been called to the public to meet the demand for safe and convenient healthcare. These academically and clinically well prepared nurse practitioners demonstrate their knowledge, skill and leadership in the communities (Hansen-Turton, Miller, Nash, Ryan, & Counts, n.d.). Due to the magnified concerns for additional access to healthcare, ANA has supported nurse practitioners’ ongoing work in retail-based health clinics to reflect a positive movement towards accurate, quality medical care for all citizens.
Since the year 2000, the nurse practitioners have been employed by convenience care clinics or retail clinics such as Minute Clinic and Take Care Health Systems. Either independently owned or as commercial chains, the retail clinics staff a family nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant that offer the convenient location and evening hours...

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...istered nurse should have a clear understanding about the prevailing need for advanced practice nurses in our communities. Next, all nurses must realize the need to convene as one voice in order to participate in the transformation process that affects the nursing profession. In fact, the influential nursing voice representing the largest healthcare workforce can substantially impact the policies and reform that affect our communities. Equally important, nurses should prepare to improve clinical and communication skills in preparation to accept more responsibilities for promoting and managing today’s healthcare complexities. Nurse Practitioners in retail care clinics, demonstrating skill and artistry as primary care providers, symbolize the positive transformation the nursing profession is engaged with in fulfilling the urgent needs of the communities.

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