Nurse Education Professional Development Essay

Nurse Education Professional Development Essay

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One of the most common human resource strategy and solution to improve work performance is training (Dean, Dean, & Rebalsky, 1996). Training is an intervention directed at improving the employees’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the workplace (Awonoyi, Orlando, & Morgan (2002). Institutes of higher education now provide training for their faculty to help them become productive instructors. Prior to 1960, developing faculty to improve their teaching skills did not exist; they were hired because of their expertise (Fink, 2003). What did exist for faculty was sabbatical leave and financial support to attend conferences, this is still available at many institutions today (Centra, 1976; Preus & Williams, 1979; Bleadsoe, 1991, Thelin, 2004, Sorcinelli, Austin, Eddy, & Beach, 2006). Faculty development evolved because of the volatility of the time - students, parents, and other concerned constituents began speaking out about the quality of instructions in higher education (Bleadsoe, 1991). Additionally, faculty was not changing institutions as frequently as in the past, accessibility to education was easier for all American citizens, growth of community colleges, the hiring of adjunct faculty and lastly came the introduction of technology to education and instruction (Centra, 1976; Preus & Williams, 1979; Bleadsoe, 1991). From this brief history synopsis of higher education changes, created changes for the faculty, rather than being knowledge gatekeepers, there is the need to now become knowledge facilitators (Davison-Shiver, Salazar, & Hamilton, 2005). In order to bring about this type of change require institutes of higher education to review how to better prepare its faculty to meet forthcoming challenges.
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...nd using technology for the purpose of course delivery.
Expectations of the study are to learn how nurse educators' implement the integration of Bb CE8 into their course content, how well nurse educators sustain the skills and knowledge gained from training, and identify what impedes their transfer of learning.
As colleges and universities continue to invest in their faculty and faculty development programs, demand for program evaluation is logical. Because of the increasing demand for accountability in terms of effective student assessment and teaching, many colleges and universities are interested in determining if their faculty development programs are successful. Although many faculty development endeavors are popular, relatively little is known about how much difference these programs actually make on the faculty members’ teaching performance.

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