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Nurse Caring For A Client Essay

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The most important job of the nurse caring for a client is to keep the patient safe. Safety can include bed safety, client positioning, dietary restrictions, ambulation safety, and so much more. One of the most important things a nurse can do to keep a client safe is by giving medications properly. One mistake in medication administration could cause serious or even life threatening harm to the client. For this reason the nurse must learn the proper steps for safe medication administration and follow these steps each and every time.
There is a specific process for administrating medications safely and the first step is to identify the client by two different methods. If applicable, the client must always be identified by the wristband they are wearing. After validating the client’s identity by his or her wristband, then they may be identified by one of the following ways: by stating their name, with picture identification, by stating their identification number, or by stating their telephone number. The second step to administrating medications safely is to inform the client of the medication they are receiving, what it is treating, and what kind of side effects the medication may cause. This is not only for the purpose of client knowledge, but to also give the client the opportunity to ask questions or state concerns before receiving the drug. The book, Fundamentals of Nursing, gives the example of, “if the client says that he doesn’t take a pill for high blood pressure, this should be an “alert” for the nurse to stop and check if this is the correct medication for the client” (Berman, Fandsen, Snyder, 2016, p.772). During this process the nurse is practicing safety while allowing the client to be involved in his or...

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...en the medical team has access to all the same information related to the patient, the chances of errors occur in medication administration and therefor the level of care increases.
Every step outlined in this paper is important for safe and proper medication administration. Identify the client by two different identifiers, inform the client, administer the drug by following the three check times and the five rights. Provide interventions if needed, record all of the drug information after administration, and evaluate the client’s response to the drug. Follow the QSEN institute and their six competencies they have established for the nursing practice and healthcare system. When the nurse follows these steps, fewer errors are made, which means that the client is receiving a level of care that protects their safety and increases the chance a more therapeutic outcome.

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