Essay on Numerical Study of Tensile Properties of POM/ Woven Kenaf Composite.

Essay on Numerical Study of Tensile Properties of POM/ Woven Kenaf Composite.

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Numerical Study of Tensile Properties of POM/ Woven Kenaf Composite.


1.1 Background Study
The geometry of woven fiber reinforced polymer like Polyoxymethylene (POM) and Woven Kenaf composite is quite complex. Therefore, to predict tensile properties of such composite requires numerical method. This project focuses on the use of The Laminator software and understanding the theories on Maximum Stress, Maximum Strain, Tsai-Hill, Hoffman, and Tsai-Wu failure to produces the required results. The software will be used to analyze the tensile strength and modulus of the composite. The results obtained from the study will then be used to compare and validate through experiment done by other researcher. Successful implementation of this numerical study will allow the tensile properties analysis to be conducted confidently without being too dependent on experimental work which is time and cost consuming.

1.2 Problem Statement
Experimental study of tensile properties on polymer/ woven fiber composite was done by Yakubu et al. [1] and other researchers [2, 3]. However effort on predicting tensile properties of woven fiber reinforced polymer is very limited. Therefore, this project is proposed. By using numerical study we can predict the tensile properties of the composite to be used in industry. This study can be used as a benchmarks before carry out the actual tests and experiments.

1.3 Objective
The objective of this project are:
To predict tensile strength and modulus of POM/ Woven Kenaf composite using numerical method.
To validate the numerical data with current experimental result.

1.4 Scope of Study
In this study, polyoxymethylene (POM) was used as the matrix and Kenaf was employed...

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...d 3 February 2014].
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