The Number One Cause Deaths Among Teens Essay

The Number One Cause Deaths Among Teens Essay

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The Number One Cause of Deaths among Teens
Ask a parent what they fear as their children become teenagers and their response will be "bullying and gangs", "drugs and alcohol", and "sex and parties". They fear all these possibilities, all with good reason, but then prematurely throw keys in the hands of an eager and inexperienced sixteen-year-old loosely thinking of the consequences surrounding the outcomes of allowing a child to drive too soon. As parents, the last thing they want to think about is the possible knock on the door or phone call to report the death of their child, but this is one time where it is vital. Driving is complex skill, one we must practice and not take for granted. When combining a teenagers ' lack of experience and their natural risk-taking behavior a person can understand why motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of deaths in teens. Changing the federal drivers licensing age in California to eighteen instead of sixteen should decrease many of the driving problems people are faced with today because in just two years a teenager 's maturity level will change dramatically, the cost of insurance will be lower, and they have time to gain experience.
In California, at the age of fifteen and one-half they are allowed to take driver’s education during which they have to pass instructed course training and a written test to get their learners permit. The learners permit allows them to practice driving with a licensed driver who is at least twenty-five years of age until their sixteenth birthday. To pass the course training part of the driver’s education program, they must complete twenty-five hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. At the age of sixteen, they are eligi...

... middle of paper ... from a teenage speeding driver in 1998, said when being interview by Keith Morelli and Neil Johnson of the Tampa Tribune (“Is Shifting Driving Age a Fine Idea?”). If states gave schools the options to have more in-depth and hands-on approaches to driving education throughout high school and not just feed us the answers to memorize to pass a test our freshman year
There are many things for parents to be afraid of that personally, I think the most freighting should be cars. A car is a weapon loaded with gas and can crush a person or car on impact. Teenagers do not develop the part of their brain that controls impulse decisions fully until they reach twenty-five and I 'm proposing that we raise the age of driving to not the extreme of twenty-five, but eighteen. Two more years to grow up and learn the responsibilities that come with being behind the wheel of a car.

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