Essay on Nudity in Art: A Personal Opinion

Essay on Nudity in Art: A Personal Opinion

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What’s with Americas’ problem with nudity? In this day and age why do American’s still flip-out over breasts or genitals? America’s fear of nudity is the problem in society today. If people could learn to accept the nude form then people could hopeful start to accept themselves. People fear the unknown. If people get over themselves and move on then maybe people can see that one doesn’t have to be ashamed of what God gave them. Through art people learn and if people keep censoring art than art can’t do its job.
In art there are many different reasons for having nudes in your work, however there are three main categories that come up more often. The first reason an artist might depict a nude person is to draw attention to something or some issue. For example, in 2007 the No- Anorexia billboard the Nolita brand, campaign was meant to shock people and bring to life an important issue facing the fashion world at that time. This photo, by Oliviero Toscani, shows an extremely underweight woman posing like a regular model. This advertisement does a good job at showing the real effects of anorexia and how people need to recognize this as a true problem. The next reason an artist might use a nude, is to show an understanding of the human form. There is not a greater form, than God’s greatest work. Artists are here to show the beauty in this world, be that a vase, plant, or person. The final reason an artist will use a nude is to show vulnerability. They do this because clothes and jewelry and material objects only work to create walls between people. When being nude a person has nothing to hide behind, no things, no layers, no walls. Just bare skin. In this instant one can get a feel of the true character of a person. Do they stand with c...

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...e artists that use nudity in their artwork. We should allow them the freedom to expose us to the unknown. People should not condemn artist like Sally Mann and people need to embrace the words of Robert Henri. The people of America need to dispose of their fear of nudity for good.

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