Nuclear Weapons in Iran and North Korea Should Be Ended

Nuclear Weapons in Iran and North Korea Should Be Ended

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Nuclear weapons are a problem that the world is facing today as countries want to have their

own for different reasons and this threatens our world’s security and stability. First it was

North Korea and now Iran. As the world tries to decrease the possession of nuclear weapons,

these countries are now building them for a sense of power or use in the future. No matter

what the reason is, the great intimidation it causes is troubling and needs to be ended.

During the Cold War, countries having nuclear weapons meant that they will think rationally

and not start a war since they know the reality which is that they are dealing with weapons of

mass destruction. Today, it is a different situation. Some countries are more powerful and

there is a lot of hatred as there is war. Iran’s hatred for Israel is extreme and known

worldwide. Having nuclear weapons might give them the chance to use them against their

enemy Israel and wipe it out. This is a great menace to Israel and their ally, the U.S. that is

also concerned. Therefore, I think that it is best to not have nuclear weapons that cause panic

and paranoia. An organization called the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) is one

that guarantees a peaceful development of nuclear weapons globally. This encourages

countries to create these weapons since there aren’t harsh sanctions put up against them. As

influential as the United States is, it has not done much so far towards Iran and North Korea in

this matter and it is against the development of nuclear weapons. Yet, the U.S. contradicts

itself by selling uranium to India. If there were greater consequences, the possibility of this

development might decrease. The United States is trying to reduce it’s possession of nuclear

weapons and in the meantime others are developing theirs. The U.S. currently owns 10,000

nuclear weapons while in 1965 they owned an approximation of 32,500. If there is one thing I

agree with them on, it is this. The construction of nuclear weapons is expensive and since

there aren’t going to be used, I see no reason to continue having them and adding more. The

mining of uranium which is a resource used to creating nuclear weapons also causes nuclear

waste to be formed. This waste is very dangerous since it remains radioactive for hundreds of

years. Everyone knows well enough how effective they are not to use them, but someday some

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mad leader might get desperate enough to use it irrationally. An end should be put to nuclear

weapons if the world really wants peace. These weapons are nothing but a threat to this

world’s safety, security, and stability.

Starting with Iran and North Korea, two countries that are now causing alarm by having

nuclear weapons, the holding of harsh sanctions would be a step. The creation of sanctions

would make other countries think twice before they do the same. As we see, nuclear weapons

are an unnecessary, dangerous technology. Our world leaders should join peacefully for more

important matters such as the economic crisis and global warming. They should spend their

millions of dollars in investments that are worth it.

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