Nuclear Weapons Cut Them Out ! Essay

Nuclear Weapons Cut Them Out ! Essay

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Nuclear Weapons-Cut Them Out!
For those interested in improving the nation, say goodbye to nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons stand apart in the public imagination because of their horrific and unmatched destructive power. An all-out nuclear attack could annihilate billions of people within hours. There are approximately 30,000 nuclear weapons in national stockpiles of the eight nuclear weapons states: Britain, China, France, India, Israel (assumed), North Korea (claimed), Pakistan, Russia, and the United States. Depending upon the yield and atmospheric conditions, a large thermonuclear weapon dropped on a densely populated city could kill millions of people in an instant. Many of nuclear countries could use them in a moment of panic, or in response to imagined threats and insults, or in a fit of religious hysteria. If there is a growth in the states that are capable of nuclear power there could be worry (Reed, Hampshire College). Nuclear weapons can cause many problems one being thousands of deaths and health problems over time due to the lethal effects of radiation, atomic anxiety, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Since the Cold War and the dramatic end of the nuclear weapons, nations have developed atomic anxiety. Fragmentation was one fear, the loss of control was another fear, and the bomb symbolized the two fears in one. As Boyer put it, that “American culture has been profoundly affected by atomic fear, by a dizzying plethora of atomic pancreas and proposals, and by endless speculation on the social and ethical implications of the new reality.” The normal was no longer normal. Every innocent act had the potential of the worst dramatic irony. Currently, the United States and Russia...

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...that security. This may be true but increasing international cooperation about nuclear weapons will pave the way for solving global issues. They also argue that nuclear weapons provide a useful detergent against attack. Nuclear weapons do not deter terrorists. Nuclear-armed nations are actually more vulnerable to pre-emptive strike and terrorist targeting the non-nuclear countries. The fact remains that nuclear weapons are too dangerous to use anywhere in the modern world, because they poison entire regions with radiation fallout, and incredibly dangerous isotopes that enter the food chain, the water table, and the sea life producing the current epidemic of cancer around the world. As Martin Luther King puts it, “The best way to solve any problem is to remove its cause.” So in order to make the nation a better place cutting out nuclear weapons would be a start.

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