Nuclear Weapons And The World : A View From Honduras Essay

Nuclear Weapons And The World : A View From Honduras Essay

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In June 2014 Central American Bank for Economic Integration held a roundtable discussion titled "Nuclear disarmament in the world: a view from Honduras" which addressed two main topics, the risk that nuclear weapons posse and the international efforts to eradicate them. The questions, why Honduras and south American countries should be interest in nuclear disarmament? and why we see nuclear weapons as a serious problem today? were raised by media reporters and event participants. Those question can be consider by nonproliferation activist and experts as a superfluous but it might reflect a wider reality.

In the region many people including some government officials and diplomats have the perception that nuclear threat disappeared with the end of the Cold War and nowadays there is no existential threat posed by nuclear weapons. Additionally most societies outside the countries with the status of nuclear states, or direct allies of nuclear states don’t have full awareness of the risk of nuclear weapons. This reality may be reinforced in Latin America by the fact that the region is the first densely populated area to become a NWFZ.
In this way the status of the region as a NWFZ could represent a challenge to capture attention of audience, because there is no sense of urgency in the thematic and it is perceived as an outsider issue. But at the same time the vocation of peace of the region and the commitment to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation showed by the adherence and maintenance of Tlatelolco treaty is a useful example and diplomatic asset that could be used to promote and strengthen disarmament initiatives such as Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons.

In addition, even though daily life presents challenges for Lat...

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...tailed and show evidence of activity in the field, while others only state that they support disarmament education or they provide information focused on conventional weapons.

Nevertheless there are some exceptions, and in the region of Latin America, Mexico is the country that has engage the most with the cause of promoting DNPE. It’s important to acknowledge that NGOs and academic institutions have participated in the report and have been active by making important contributions worldwide. In the region of Latin America the Argentinian Foundation Nonproliferation for Global Security (NPS) stands out. Both cases has been identified as cases that represent the most solids and sustainable efforts for DNPE in the region, each one from a different perspective but with the same goal of raising awareness and contributing to increase regional and global security.

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