Nuclear Waste Is The Most Problematic By Product Of The Nuclear Energy Essay

Nuclear Waste Is The Most Problematic By Product Of The Nuclear Energy Essay

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Nuclear plants generate electricity through a process that involves boiling water into steam and the resulting steam is used to operate the turbines to generate electricity. Unlike other plants that uses fossil fuel, nuclear plants has no or little Green House Gas emission. Thus nuclear energy is generally considered as the cleanest form of energy. However it has its fair share of shortcomings and it is not entirely accurate to state that nuclear energy is completely safe to the environment. In this section we will see of its environmental implications.
Nuclear waste is the most problematic by-product of the nuclear energy. There is no safe method to dispose nuclear waste completely. Some of the nuclear wastes have a radioactive half-life of 2,500,000 years which imply that they remain extremely unsafe for such a long duration exposing human beings and environment to grave dangers. Option of using nuclear energy seem to provide quick short term benefits and satisfies a good number of stakeholders but there are dormant and long term negative impacts. Prolonged exposure to radioactive substances, percolation of radioactive substances into soil and poisoning the crops grown, polluting the underground water are few examples of how nuclear by-products impact our environment. Though these impacts does not surface immediately, they are sure to be felt in long term creating an unsafe environment for the future generation. Nuclear waste is only the tip of iceberg of the negative effects of nuclear power generation. If we consider the bigger picture, involving the process of gathering raw material for nuclear power generation, the logistics of material movement and other satellite system, then the impact is magnified manifold. Uranium is ...

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...n. It is important to consider the fact that the impact of such accidents does not just affect humans and it is prime duty of every individual to start seeing the world as something common to all the living beings and every life has its right to live . It is very important to be ethical and be Biophilia when it comes to saving the environment. The important ethical principle that the advocates of nuclear energy should consider before terming it as green and sustainable energy is Consequentialism. If they follow this principle to maximize the happiness of those present, we surely can keep the future generations safe from the above discussed impacts. Even though nuclear energy is green and environmental friendly it surely does have indirect but severe impact on our ecosystem. If more nuclear plants start operating they might imbalance the entire ecosystem in long term.

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