Nuclear Warfare Between Japan And The United States Essay

Nuclear Warfare Between Japan And The United States Essay

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The very first bomb was the Little Boy—dropped on August 6th of 1945—hitting Hiroshima and wiping out almost ninety-percent of the population. Tens of thousands people later died from radiation exposure (""). This atomic bomb was the start of nuclear warfare between Japan and the United States and showed the world our true power. Truman’s decision to drop both bombs on Japan had as many disadvantages as it did advantages.
The second bomb—Fat Man—was dropped only three days later effectively ending World War II. This atomic bomb was much bigger than the Little Boy. Although the second bomb was much bigger, the death toll was not as great; it only stood at about 80,000 (" - After the Bomb"). Although it as bombed, the hills surrounding Nagasaki did a better job containing the blast (" Bomb Dropped on Nagasaki"). Nagasaki was not the intended target, but it was a great choice to bomb considering it was a port. Once attacked, it lessened the amount of ships that could bring in weapons as well as slow the rate that they could build warships.
The disadvantages came in abundance. The first disadvantage is how many lives were lost. Many of lives lost were civilians, children, and the elderly. The numbers grew over the three days of the nuclear war, starting at just 80,000 when Little Boy was dropped and grew over the few days just from radiation poisoning (“”). This was a devastation on Japan for that the people lost were more than ninety percent of their overall population to Little Boy.
Another disadvantage is the aftermath of the bombing and the population drop. The beginning population—before the increase—was 89,000. By February of 1946, the population grew to over 169,...

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...Truman did make rash decisions but they did work in our favor. Although many lives were lost, we gained power and recognition. We also taught the world how dangerous and reckless using weapons of mass destruction is and prevented future problems with this; the world saw the aftermath of Japan. This was useful for us since we were the first to bring out weapons of that caliber and destruction. Japan finally surrendered to us but not without consequences; because they were so stubborn about giving in, they were bombed and lost the lives of many of their citizens as well as Koreans and American prisoners. Children were all alone, people were starving, homeless, sick, and even radiation poisoning. Everything was disastrous for the people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima because of the bombings. All of this could have been avoided if some people weren’t so prideful and stubborn.

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