Nuclear Security Fatigue throughout the World Essay

Nuclear Security Fatigue throughout the World Essay

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Statement of Problem
Despite massive efforts and billions spent by the United States and its partners towards substantial improvements in nuclear security, we continue to see instances of nuclear insecurity, such as the Y-2 debacle. The focus of the work on improved nuclear security at the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) needs to shift from urgent patchwork to fill security gaps to effective, sustainable security, addressing issues of testing, best practices, and professional standards [1].

Washington and Seoul Summits
Some leaders may already be experiencing nuclear security fatigue, but the NSS has had merit. The NSS 2010 had modest goals of drawing attention, at the highest level, to the need to prevent nuclear terrorism by securing nuclear materials and making political agreements [4]. The real successes of the Washington summit were in establishing a consensus that nuclear terrorism is a global threat, ushering a sense of urgency of the problem, and facilitating breakthroughs [1]. In Seoul, NSS 2012 focused on implementing those agreements using “gift baskets,” multinational commitments[1] [5] [6], which were promising since such undertakings entail cooperation and a greater scope of action. Most of all, these summits imposed action deadlines.
In March, the Hague summit requires leaders to tie together the last four years of NSS while creating a pathway towards a more comprehensive, forward-looking agenda[7]. The Stanley Foundation stresses multilateral action to create fair, just, and lasting solutions to critical issues of peace and security. Thus, as we review the Seoul Communiqué in preparation for Hague, our focus centers on world leaders agreeing to make further progress in the following important areas [4] [5]:
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...Available from: https://
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