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As scientific research has demonstrated for the past 100 years, everything in existence spontaneously came to be from a incredibly hot, dense ball of matter known as a singularity (Veneziano, 2014). In an infinitesimal fraction of a second, the universe grew from less than the size of a marble to more than 100-thousand miles in diameter, expanding faster than the speed of light. (Veneziano, 2014). In the millions of years that followed, various gases and matter cooled from millions of degrees in temperature, to more manageable thousands of degrees, allowing matter to collect and the universe to take shape (Untitle, 2014). In the eons that followed, galaxies had taken shape and stars began the nuclear process of fusion; allowing hydrogen to bond with other hydrogen atoms, giving birth to energy, heat, and light (Nadis, 2014). With an abundance of raw material still drifting aimlessly through individual galaxies, one of the fundamental forces of nature, gravity, would soon take over and start compressing this raw material into smaller balls of hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and carbon; these smaller rocks would eventually become known as planets (Nadis, 2014).
At this point, nearly 10 billion years had passed since the singularity gave birth to the universe. Stars had now been shining through the cosmos for millions of years and galaxies had become the homes to billions of stars. In one section of the cosmos, the Virgo Supercluster became home to a galaxy called the Milky Way. Within the vastness of the Milky Way, the Orion Arm would house a very particular solar system with a very special planet; Earth (Our cosmic address, n.p.).
Through the 4-billion years of its existence, mankind, as society is familiar with, has only been pr...

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... expansion of the universe, while less dense dark energy constitutes a slower expansion.
The beauty of cosmology and astronomy stems from the nature of its continual mystery. Some of the most fundamental ideas scientists know and are familiar with have yet to be proven and are still only a theory; by definition, scientific law cannot be disproven, whereas theory is generally accepted, can still have its skeptics (Science at multiple levels, n.p.). While the end of the universe seems grim, these too are only theories and cannot be proven. The Big Crunch and the Big Rip are only two of nearly an infinite number of possibilities, where the true fate of existence is severely worse. Another possibility is that these ideas are merely wild fantasies by scientists with too much time on their hands. Truth be told, only time will tell; until then, humanity can only speculate.

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