Nuclear Power Is Not Clean Essay example

Nuclear Power Is Not Clean Essay example

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Nuclear power is neither safe not clean. The process of generating power from nuclear power plants produces huge amounts of radioactive wastes that are harmful to the environment (Bodansky 12). Evan half a century after the first atom was split, science has still not managed to find a way to effectively manage nuclear waste (Bodansky 13). Thousands of tons of lethal nuclear waste produced from military and civilian power plants are stored all over America. The American federal government still does not have a long term plan to manage nuclear waste (Banks 28). Another key problem with nuclear power is that is the fact that nuclear wastes remain hazardous for thousands of years, making the task of managing nuclear wastes properly even more tricky and expensive.
An often overlooked fact, with nuclear power is that the risks of a meltdown are very high. If a mishap was to happen, it could potentially kill and injure a large number of people and could leave several regions inhabitable (Banks 21). The Fukshima incident of 2011 led to high levels of radioactive release, which could take decades or even more to properly clean up and highlighted the fact that natural disasters can combine with aging facilities and error-prone humans in devastating ways. Incidents like these are to a certain extent waiting to happen and can lead to dire and unimaginable consequences (Banks 22). Safe reactors are pretty much a myth, an accident can occur in any nuclear reactor, causing the release of large quantities of deadly radiation into the environment. Even during normal operations, radioactive materials are regularly discharged into the air and water (Banks 23). The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and the more recent Fukshima accident should serve as a me...

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...pread from developed countries to developing countries. Most people believe that there is no connection between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The facts, however, seem to point to a different conclusion. Civilian nuclear programs have led to the production of nuclear weapons in India, Pakistan, Israel and South Africa ( From the dawn of the nuclear age, it has been recognized that nuclear power and nuclear weapons are inseparably progress in any sort of nuclear technology helps the production of nuclear weapons. American, Canadian, Russian and French nuclear corporations continue to circle the globe attempting to sell nuclear power technology to anyone country that will buy it. While nuclear sales may benefit these nuclear corporations, the spread of nuclear technology and ultimately nuclear weapons undermines our national security and the security of the planet.

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