Nuclear Power Is An Invention Of Technology Created By Humanity Essay

Nuclear Power Is An Invention Of Technology Created By Humanity Essay

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Nuclear power has been envisioned as the future of humanity, yet on April 26th 1986, the Chernobyl power station illustrated to the world of the possible devastations of nuclear power. Radioactive clouds spread across neighboring countries like Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and ruined nearby forestry, bodies of water, and wildlife living amongst now contaminated landscape. While it may be the most cost-effective way to produce electricity, nuclear power stations hold an everlasting danger of another potential meltdown. Dozens of individuals caught immediately near the explosion were eviscerated, yet the death toll skyrocketed over the next few years from thousands of cases of cancer. Not only was the catastrophe fatal to the employees working inside the facility, but the landscape that became contaminated will remain that way for hundreds of years, uninhabitable by any living beings. Nuclear power is an astounding invention of technology created by humanity, however the Chernobyl incident proves how carefully we must manage and maintain our creations.
The word Chernobyl invokes fear and concern in many, for it is the greatest disaster of technology which transformed a former culture center into an abandoned city in northern Ukraine. Pripyat, a city founded in 1970 to house workers of neighboring Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, will now become a ghost town for over 300 years due to the contamination. To understand what occurred at Chernobyl, and why, information about how a nuclear power station works and how it processes is key to comprehend all possible outcomes of a meltdown. Compared to a more conservative fossil-fuel power station, the basic structure of a nuclear power plant is quite similar. Both stations start by converting wat...

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...s when compared to one another. Continuing, the amount of exposure one receives by inhalation, ingestion, or even material in the sky and clouds could also pose a severe threat. Drinking contaminated water, eating contaminated fish, vegetables, meats, and even going outside at times were all precautions that normal citizens now had to live in fear over. The amount of possible health consequences from the radiation of Chernobyl is staggering, but in 1976, the UK House of Commons Environment Committee concluded, “for most people radiation is inexplicable, unseeable, untouchable and almost mystically evil.” (Park 30) Radioactivity poses as a silent Grim Reaper, slowly contaminating the land, water, and lives it travels over.
If humans can be detrimentally impacted by the effects of radioactivity, what’s stopping the Grim Reaper from contaminating other species of life?

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