Nuclear Power Is A Global Issue Essays

Nuclear Power Is A Global Issue Essays

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Energy is the most important produce for our survival of our society. With energy, we can have water and food, and we need energy for all our services like light, heat and power that we use. To keep stop burning the fossil fuels of coal, oil and gas which make our environment bad, the research found our energy comes from 80% burning of hydrocarbons. Global problem issues such as climate change or global warming well lead us to the extinction of many plant and animals. By Second World, War scientist explored an amazing power, new sources of power are nuclear power. Nuclear power is a very clean power to use for energy. Nuclear power is nature friend, it is good for the environment. If we use a clean power like nuclear power, Carbon Dioxide will reduce and Oxygen will increase. On the other hand, nuclear power has negative side is the waste of nuclear power. The waste of nuclear has horrible side leads to sickness. Nuclear is a global issue. People believe in Industry nuclear power is both safe and vital to our future. On the other side, the industry has had many false starts.
Nuclear is the energy released by the nuclear reaction (fission or fusion). Specially used for electricity. Nuclear have a huge energy that holds the nucleus together. Nuclear energy, also called atomic energy is the most powerful energy released by a change in the nucleus of atoms. Scientists and engineers have found many ways to use nuclear energy like we can use for energy and nuclear weapons in addition gamma rays can use for medical treatment. Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Klaproth, a German chemist.
Uranium has 92 atoms, research show that there is the same number of proton 92 but, a different number of neutron 142, 143 and 146. In nature, Ura...

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...rained nuclear engineers every year to meet the demand of these growth plans.
Perhaps the most glaring concern is that the nuclear power industry developed with safety concerns trailing a distant second. The science of radiation safety and health effects of ionising radiation was still evolving as the civilian nuclear boosters and industry vested interests encouraged further expansion, the motto being, 'electricity now, safety later. (Karamoskos, 2011)

Thus, Nuclear power is nature friend, it is good for the environment. If we use a clean power like nuclear power, Carbon Dioxide will reduce and Oxygen will increase. therefore, nuclear power has negative side is a waste of nuclear power. The waste of nuclear has horrible side leads to sickness. So till know nuclear power is on research. And future is not known for uranium and how uranium will be in future.

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