Essay on Nuclear Power Is A Form Of Renewable Energy

Essay on Nuclear Power Is A Form Of Renewable Energy

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Nuclear power is a form of renewable energy that has had tremendous success, as well as several difficulties and complications since its inception. The process harnesses the power of nuclear fission involving radioactive isotopes in order to produce a cleaner energy product that is far superior in efficiency compared to non-renewable sources. However, with these inherent benefits come the risks of nuclear power, mainly stemming from radiation exposure and the threat of a facility malfunction. Nuclear reactors are located throughout the country and have the ability to supply major metropolitan areas with affordable energy on a massive scale. Two power plants of this caliber already operate in Florida under Florida Power and Light (FPL): the Turkey Point and St. Lucie Nuclear facilities. According to the FPL website, these plants alone provide “3,000 megawatts of clean, emission-free energy — enough to power nearly 1.9 million homes” Florida Power and Light, 2016). Another metropolitan area that could use such an energy stimulus from nuclear power is Daytona Beach, the famous ocean-front city in Volusia County, Florida.
It is widely known that although fossil fuel and natural gas provide for humanity’s energy needs at the present time, these forms of energy will not last. Eventually, non-renewable energy sources will become either totally depleted, or they will be so costly to procure that they will have to be abandoned altogether. City by city, one step at a time, energy production involving fossil fuels can be curbed in order to ease into an ultimate transition into renewable energy like nuclear power. Exploring such a possibility in Volusia County could prove extremely beneficial, since, according to the Florida Energy Systems Co...

... middle of paper ... a realistic idea of where uranium for this project will likely need to come from, which is imports from outside countries.
This project will take into account all these different aspects listed and, through careful analysis and comparison with other similar projects, will come to a final conclusion to the overall possibility of nuclear power in Volusia County. Nuclear power is an efficient means of energy production; therefore, if it were to be adopted in Volusia County, it has the potential to power a substantial portion of the county’s homes and businesses. The County Council (and, secondarily, investors and contractors interested in such a project), would benefit greatly from this report as it will relay information on all the different aspects of a facility of this caliber constructed here, as well as the ultimate costs and benefits for the surrounding area.

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