Essay on Nuclear Power For A Cleaner Energy Source

Essay on Nuclear Power For A Cleaner Energy Source

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“Face it. Nukes are the most climate-friendly industrial-scale form of energy” (Power, Reiss, Pearlstein, 655). This statement is what I’m trying to promote through my argument. It also ties Inconvenient Truths: 10 Green Heresies by Matt Powers, Spencer Reiss, and Jonanna Pearlstein and Nuclear Power is Best Energy Source: Potchef Stroom together by bring out the main point all authors are trying to get across. Global warming has been a big concern for years now and one of the biggest causes for it, is the burning of fossil fuels to get energy. People that live in the United States of America use a huge amount of energy in their daily lives and that amount continues to grow with our population growing with it. My purpose of this piece is to persuade people to switch to nuclear power for a cleaner energy source because it’s the cleanest energy source.

The audience I decided to target was mostly kids, but it’s also strongly directed towards adults and young adults. I focused the most on persuading kids because kids are our future and kids will grow up with the idea of having nothing but clean energy, instead of thinking of the idea later on in life. Kids also force their parents and family to do the good things that help the planet and others, with recycling and donating, when it is taught to them in school. Young adults and adults were targeted to get a start of replacing fossil fuels with nuclear power. The older generation have the knowledge and money to make plans come to life, so I targeted them as the starter for this project and the younger generations as the finishers.

Thoughts that promote happiness are more likely come to life, so I based my whole piece with as much happiness as I could. Bright colors were only used to s...

... middle of paper ...

...emy and kids can be persuaded with a same interest. I wanted to make adults mad and point out another flaw in why pollution is growing, so they would understand that something needs to be done to get a happy setting instead of a smoggy city setting. Children love to play outside and run around so I used the great outdoors on a sunny day to inspire kids to have have more of the sunny days they like playing in. Ethos was used so my viewers saw me as a strong persuasive piece instead of as a version of a no good charity. I tried showing most of the positive sides of nuclear power to help persuade, but I also wanted to show the positive sides so the well knowledged saw nuclear power as a solution and not a attempted. I wanted my viewers to see the topic from my point of view and to have the information they needed to show them nuclear power is the cleanest and the future.

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