Nuclear Power And The Ethical Use Essay

Nuclear Power And The Ethical Use Essay

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When it comes to the most crucial events in human history, world war 2 is bound to be mentioned. Throughout history mankind has perfected many tools and weapons for either agriculture or conflict. Though as we become wiser and progress, we need to bear responsibility. The two speeches I focused on deal with the subject of nuclear power and the ethical use. The authors are the inventor Albert Einstein and Harry Truman who gave some fascinating insight that I want to analyze.

I 'll elaborate on Truman 's announcement of the bombing of Hiroshima. He essentially informs the nation of the development of the atomic weapon, it’s capabilities, and that it was detonated within a civilian populated area. He starts of explaining that the weapon was meant to contain absolute destructive power and its intended use against the enemy. He gave a frightening estimate of more than 20000 tons of TNT. As well as stating that more of these [bombs are in production with even more powerful forces in development].

According to his brief explanation, physicists have accomplished what was thought to be theoretically possible and harness atomic energy. He exonerates the scientists efforts as they were dedicated to the project. There were many resources used in development and the high cost of 2 million for the laboratories. He even states that the workers that invested in the project were not fully aware of what was being produced as the explosions were exceedingly small. All these details prove that this was not only the most dangerous but also riskiest scientific invention.

The notion that many lives depend on the atomic bombs power against empirical invasion is considerable. Truman then highlight the marvelous contribution and commitment towards a gre...

... middle of paper ... the issues involving the Palestinians and other Arab states. He concludes his speech with a message that men must provide for each other as is their responsibilities when given power. As well as courageous efforts being made to achieve radical political change or else civilization would be undone.

These two speeches somewhat involves the capability and uses of atomic power and issues within the civilized world. Truman’s announcement provided more optimistic opportunities for this invention while explaining its properties. While Einstein was more pessimistic, mentioning world crisis that have occurred, and pondering several ethical uses out of the invention. Both would agree that there are many positive factors, and that the governments would give reasonable policies. The invention was a necessary tool and we have developed it to both destroy and provide others.

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