Nuclear Power And The Energy Crisis Essay

Nuclear Power And The Energy Crisis Essay

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Topic: Nuclear Power
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that why we should use Nuclear power and it is the solution to the energy crisis.
Thesis: Nuclear power could replace coal and solve the energy crisis unlike the other alternatives such as renewable energy. Such as wind and solar power.
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I. Good Afternoon guys, many of you comes from countries that utilize nuclear power. Whether to use nuclear power or not is a controversial topic that is often debated upon.
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II. Currently the world is in an energy crisis. I have always thought that nuclear power is a necessity to solve the energy crisis, and after looking into a number of articles I have further strengthened this belief.
(Preview :) (Slide 2).
III. Energy crisis is caused by the over-reliance on fossil fuel. As stated in the article “The Energy Crisis and Climate Change”, “We rely on fossil fuels for over 80% of our current energy needs.” This is a problem because fossil fuels are running out, according to this graph by if we carry on consuming oil at the current rate it will run out at 2052.

IV. To address this problem there are many countries that started to utilize alternative energy sources. Such as nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy and so on. The statistic on shows that there are about 440 nuclear reactors worldwide delivering about 2,500TWh (terawatt hours) per year. Which is the next most used form of energy after fossil fuel.
Transition: Now we will look into the reasons why nuclear power should be the solution to the energy crisis.
I. The problem with the current most used resource. (Fossil Fuels) (Slide 3)
A. Firstly, fossil fuel is nonrenewable energy source ...

... middle of paper ...

...e of the renewable energy’s costs to set up and maintain is much higher than nuclear energy’s cost.
2. (Slide 8) the graph from shows that there is a huge gap between the outputs of renewables to the output of nuclear energy per year.
Transition: So, to sum up.
Conclusion (Slide 9)
I. The current energy crisis is caused by fossil fuel and cannot be solved by it since it is not a renewable form a resource.
II. Nuclear energy have many advantages, such as being reliable, cost efficient, great output and also does not directly pollute air like fossil fuels does.
III. Renewable energy has many flaws such as being not reliable, expensive comparing to the low output making them impractical
IV. Therefore, overall, comparing the facts above. I think nuclear power is the next best alternative to fossil fuels and we should use it to solve the energy crisis.

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