Nuclear Power And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

Nuclear Power And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

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In China, nuclear power has all along received a considerable amount of attention from the government and this is mainly because nuclear power is known to account for a minor though rapidly growing portion of the entire mix of electricity in the country. Nuclear power in China has a very important role and most particularly in the coastal region where the economy can be seen to develop in a very fast rate. At the close of the year 2009, the representation of nuclear power in China was at one percent of the entire capacity of 950 GW, which is installed in China. The total available electricity for consumption in the year 2007 was comprised of electricity that was generated from nuclear power and it stood at about 1.9 percent. Comparing nuclear power to other sources, about 14 percent is what hydropower was comprised of while thermal power on the other hand, and this is inclusive of electricity generated by other fossil fuels and coal, was at about 83 percent of the total electricity that was generated (Xu 44). It is important to note that a huge amount of mainland electricity from China is mainly generated from natural gases, mainly from coal.
The sector for nuclear energy in China is however poised for a kind of growth that is quite fast. There are nuclear plants in China that are presently under establishment and once these nuclear plants are completed, the generating capacity of electricity in China will triple. This expansion that the government of China has taken up clearly indicates the reflection of a growing desire by the Chinese government to diversify the mix of energy in the country by greatly reducing the heavy reliance on the sources of coal. The State Council of China released a new policy on energy in the year 2012...

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...quirement rather, to this plan. It was required that the participants would make their bids using between 1 GW to 1.5 GW reactors or a technology that was higher. The State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, (SNPTC), of China under the supervision of the State Council was tasked with the responsibility of selecting the foreign technology that would be used at these plants. The intent to establish plants of nuclear power have been announced in more than ten provinces in China (Sovacool 229). As well, the Republic of China has a purposeful strategy to export nuclear technology which is being analyzed at a higher administration level through the utilization of the economic and the diplomatic influence of China. If the Chinese government maintains the building of nuclear power plants, then China will take the crown as the leader of nuclear energy in the entire world.

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