Nuclear Fusion a Feasible Source of Power Essay

Nuclear Fusion a Feasible Source of Power Essay

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Is Nuclear Fusion a Feasible Source of Power?

Nuclear fusion may be an effective solution to the energy problem in today?s
world. Fusion is environmentally friendly and has the potential to generate massive
amounts of power. It is evident that the Sun?s power is fueled by nuclear fusion. Recent
advancements such as ITER and NIF may bring us closer to being able to use fusion. We
find that nuclear fusion is a long-term solution to a continuing problem.

Since the Industrial Age, energy from fossil fuels has become widespread. In
recent times, the depletion of fossil fuels is forcing humanity to search for other
alternatives, such as nuclear fusion. Fusion has been an attractive method of energy for a
long time. In 1982, Princeton University experimented with the magnetic confinement
Tokamak: a donut shaped accelerator designed to create massive amounts of heat. In
1998, JET built on the technology to create the largest Tokamak ever made. The ITER
(International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project is currently working on a
colossal undertaking to create a Tokamak that can produce more energy than it consumes.
This project combines the efforts of many nations and will be constructed in class.
Meanwhile, the NIF (National Ignition Facility) in Livermore is attempting to use lasers
to generate a completely different fusion: inertial confinement fusion. Both ITER and
NIF are slated for completion in 2030.
Fusion is a difficult hurdle for scientists to tackle because scientists cannot
currently find a method to produce more energy than the process consumes. The JET is
the most cost effective fusion reactor in terms of power. However, the ratio of energy
production to energy cons...

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