Essay on Nuclear Feasibility in Pakistan

Essay on Nuclear Feasibility in Pakistan

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Nuclear power is a source of energy which is regarded as not only an answer to the forthcoming energy shortage but is also considered relatively less harmful to the environment. Yet the high risk it poses on the safety of human life in view of the catastrophes caused by it in the past, the opportunity cost of investing in nuclear power stations rather than other useful projects, and the extensive research and development costs that it requires make its feasibility for a third world country like Pakistan questionable.

Nuclear fission was discovered accidentally in Nazi Germany on December 21st, 1938, nine months before the beginning of the Second World War(4). It was a discovery which would make one nation superior towards other and would cause millions of deaths at a later point in time. The Fukushima disaster triggered by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, affected several nuclear plants in Japan simultaneously(2). The recent Fukushima incident and other numerous incidents in the past have questioned the feasibility of the nuclear power stations throughout the world. After the incident, the vulnerability of the nuclear plants due to natural disasters was debated upon and some physicists started doubting the continuance of using nuclear power to make electricity. Nuclear energy has been the main reason behind the Iranian nuclear dispute with USA, the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 and Chernobyl nuclear incident in 1986. These events have a story behind them and have been very significant and pivotal in the mankind. THESIS

Nuclear energy poses a threat to the very existence of mankind. According to Ken Caldeira, a pronuclear and climate scientist in the Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology at Stanford Universi...

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...olar and wind. Nuclear energy can be produced 24/7 and it is stable due to the fact that the amount of electricity produced does not fluctuate according to the climate or weather conditions.

Even though there might be some advantages of nuclear energy, Pakistan being a third world country, should not divert its attention towards nuclear power. Rather Pakistan should focus more on improving its economy to deal its major issues. The government is planning to install many new nuclear plants in order to increase the nuclear power generation capacity. However, the hazards associated with the safety and design of the reactors is being overlooked. It is imprudent of the government that a major nuclear power plant is in close proximity to Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi and if a meltdown or a radiation leak happens it would be very difficult to evacuate the nearby areas.

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