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The discovery of nuclear energy began in the 1980’s with Rontgen’s discovery of the X-Ray soon after scientists unraveled the structure of the atom and made the discovery that all atoms have neutrons and protons. The last major component o the atom was discovered in 1932 the neutron. Another important discovery was made in 1938 Germany; the Germans were the first to carry out the fission of uranium atoms. The energy that fission created opened the possibility of two things, powerful weapons, and energy for civilian use. Nuclear reactors control, and produce energy from the splitting of atoms of certain substances. In a nuclear reactor the energy produced is released as heat and the heat is used to make steam which in turn is used to produce electricity. Radiation is and energy that’s all around us there are many different kinds of radiation, some types of radiation are more energetic then others. The kind of radiation that’s released into the environment is measured in curies. But unlike the radiation in the environment the radiation that people receive is measured in rem. Radioactive decay is when an atomic nucleus spontaneously breaks down releasing energy and matter in the process. This happens because a radioisotope’s have unstable nuclei that don’t have a strong enough binding energy to hold the nucleus together. Radioisotopes try to be stable so they constantly change and attempt to stabilize, and in this process they release energy and often transform into a new element. There are two different kinds of nuclear reactor fission and fusion reactors. “Fission is a nuclear reactor in which an atomic nucleus splits normally in to two comparably sized pieces”. This causes the release of massive amounts of energy in the form of ...

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