Essay about Nuclear Energy : Not Produce And Co2

Essay about Nuclear Energy : Not Produce And Co2

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One of the main benefits of nuclear energy is that it does not produce and CO2 in the process of making electricity. However many of the opponents of nuclear energy claim that the amount of carbon emissions produced from creating a nuclear power plant are still too high. The amount of carbon emissions produced by an energy source can be measured by the life cycle CO2 emission which is defined as “ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is defined as "the compilation and evaluation of the inputs, outputs and the potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its life cycle."”(Subhan Ali 2011). According to the nuclear energy institute (NEI) nuclear energy has a life cycle CO2 emission of 17 tons of carbon dioxide per gigawatt-hour (US Nuclear Power Plants 2016). This may seem like high number, but other energy sources have even higher life cycle emissions. Coal, which is the worst for carbon emissions, has a life cycle emission of 1041 tons of carbon dioxide per gigawatt-hour, so nuclear energy is obviously better than coal for carbon emissions by at least 1024 tons of carbon per gigawatt-hour (US Nuclear Power Plants 2016). Nuclear energy is obviously better than coal since it does not produce CO2, however nuclear energy also has a lower life cycle emission than solar energy and hydroelectricity. Solar PV has a life cycle emission of 39 tons of carbon dioxide per gigawatt-hour and hydroelectricity has a life cycle emission of 18 tons of carbon dioxide per gigawatt-hour, which is close to nuclear energy’s emission but produces much less energy (US Nuclear Power Plants 2016).
The second type of environmental impact that nuclear energy produces is radioactive or toxic waste. According to the Energy Information Administration (E...

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...optimal amount of wind, meaning not too low but also not too high, that has no trees and no people, since the wind turbines are loud. Nuclear power plants are not generally placed by highly populated cities either, however there are more places to place a nuclear power plant than a wind turbine.
Nuclear energy is a good efficient means of producing energy that could become better with more research and development. After the general public overcomes the false negative stigma that surrounds nuclear energy bigger and better power plants can be built. Nuclear energy produces less carbon emissions than coal and solar PV energy, and does not have the location issues of any of the renewable energy resources. Overall nuclear energy produces more carbon dioxide free energy at a reliable rate without any negative location issues, which is why it is the best energy resource.

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