Nuclear Energy Is Not A Safe Alternative Essay

Nuclear Energy Is Not A Safe Alternative Essay

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Nearly 1.8 million people die each year due to the air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels such as coal which would be prevented by using nuclear energy. Energy consumption is an increasing problem in America. The nation continues to attempt to keep up with the energy crisis but is unable. The United States has attempted to use solar power and wind power but these alternatives do not produce enough energy for what they are worth. Though some people claim that nuclear energy is not a safe alternative, but plants take safety measures to keep employees and surrounding communities safe. Since many Americans are using more energy and energy sources cannot produce the required amount of energy needed, therefore, the government needs to implement the use of nuclear power more in order to stay ahead of energy consumption.
People die each year because of air pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels. In addition, the nation requires energy for everything: heating homes, transportation, entertainment, and other forms of technology. Think, how would the country work if energy sources could not produce enough energy? The daily use of new technology such as IPods, tablets, and smartphones has increased the use of energy. America cannot afford to lose fossil fuel based energy with the increased consumption and depleting amount of resources. If the government does not incorporate nuclear energy the nation will suffer in that it will have a negative impact on the environment and the economy.
Pollution of fossil fuels has caused many people to die each year, but nuclear energy provides a cleaner and safer way of producing energy. The emission of harmful gasses has had a negative impact on the environment and the heath of people nati...

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...because it is so efficient. In Gicacobello’s book he gives the fact that “80% of France’s created energy is by the use of nuclear power (39).” It explains that some nations have taken the initiate to invest in nuclear power and it has benefitted them greatly. The evidence also explains that this technology is readily available and be implemented into the energy cycle at any given time. Other nations have created these because they produce more energy than any other alternative source of energy. Though the initial costs of the plants are fairly expensive, they will become cost effective in the near future with its production.
With all these factors the government needs to build these new nuclear power plants. The positives far outweigh the negatives that nuclear energy has to offer. It is environmentally friendly and economically beneficial to the nation as a whole.

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