Nuclear Energy Is A Source Of Energy Essay examples

Nuclear Energy Is A Source Of Energy Essay examples

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Nuclear energy has contributed to the world very much, with supply energy to many things. Nuclear is not just used for electricity but can also be used to treat humans. Nuclear energy is a major source of energy that contributes to many functions and should be preferred over other sources of energy. Nuclear energy plays a huge role in supplying energy to the United States. It is the main source of energy that is used and is a safe source to get from because it doesn’t cause pollution.
Nuclear energy produces no air pollution that many other sources of energy do. Nuclear energy is form with the use of uranium. The uranium in the power plant doesn’t transform into energy but supplies the plant with heat to make energy, “the power plant controls the chain reaction of uranium to produce heat in the reactor. Water is pumped through the hot reactor. The water heats up and turns into steam, and the hot steam turns turbines” (Ollhoff 8), which then the turbines create some form of energy. The energy that is produce supplies most of things that require electricity in the United States. The way in which uranium produces heat is by the atoms it has, they are split and when that happens it produces heat. “Here’s what scientist discovered in 1919: If you split an atom, or break it apart, energy is released. They figured out how to harness that energy, and how to create it whenever they wanted” (Reilly 57), and since then have known about this. They figured out that uranium is a very unstable element that splits easily and use that to produce the heat. This form of gathering energy is called fission. This process done in the nuclear power plants are done steady and slow so there could be no dangerous of causing a meltdown, an uncontrolled cha...

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...used for many other things. This energy has been able to interact with the health of humans. It has been able to make treatments for some diseases like cancer using radiotherapy. They can help protect the human body by using it to help clean supplies, “gamma emissions can be used for the sterilization of medical supplies like cotton, bandages, gloves used for surgery, syringes, burn dressings, etc.” (Gupta). The energy produced can also be used for space uses like powering the rocket, “both fission and fusion of nuclear power is actively used in providing power for the missions in space. It generates higher velocities that increases the speed of rockets. This high generation of velocity is due to the higher density reactions that take place and is around 7 magnitudes more than the chemical reactions, which is used to power the current generation of rockets” (Gupta).

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