Essay about Nuclear Energy And Solar Energy

Essay about Nuclear Energy And Solar Energy

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Nuclear and Solar Energy

What would the nation do if every gas station was shut down? With a daily consumption of over nineteen million barrels per day, fossil fue won’t always be an option. An alternative source needs to be taken into consideration. Two of the best possible uses for the future are solar and nuclear energy. Both produce less emissions than fossil fuels and can be much more efficient. There are many dangers with nuclear energy and sometimes hazardous by-products are produced. Advances in technology are a likely result of the use of these resources. If fossil fuels continue to used up, these two resources will be the best options to save civilized humanity.
Over forty countries are using nuclear energy, including the US. There are currently four hundred thirty-five nuclear power plants in operation. Nuclear energy can be defined as the energy that is released in the changes that occur within the structure of the atomic nucleus. These processes include nuclear fission and fusion. Nuclear fission a type of reaction where a highly weighted nucleus splits when impacted upon another particle, or when it splits independently. Energy is exerted in this reaction. Nuclear fusion occurs when atomic nuclei have a low atomic number and fuses with another containing a lower number. When the two fuse, they form a heavier nucleus and release energy. Another way this can be thought of is, “Fusion reactions between light elements, like fission reactions that split heavy elements, release energy because of a key feature of nuclear matter called the binding energy, which can be released through fusion or fission. The binding energy of the nucleus is a measure of the efficiency with which its constituent nucleons are bound together”...

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...mier. Web. 15 Nov. 2015. Although it would take over two decades, solar panels are becoming more and more efficient and still cost the minimal amount of pollution.
As fossil fuels account for well over half of the US’s energy production, they will be used up quickly and alternatives are going to be needed. Nuclear energy is a process that is already occurring today, but hasn’t had nearly enough use to locate the full effects. If it can’t be used as often, it’s also harder to find solutions to the problems. As long as nuclear energy has a long half-life and is too difficult to be maintained, it can’t be used. Solar power is the option with least amount of negativity. Solar power should be invested in, as it can save money for everyday people and it’s eco-friendly. It is also available everywhere and is the most promising modern solution for every-day people.

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