Nuclear Energy And Nuclear Regulatory System Essays

Nuclear Energy And Nuclear Regulatory System Essays

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With the development of nuclear powered vehicles comes safety and usability concerns regarding the infrastructure in place in the current United States. The mobilization of nuclear reactors is a challenge that has never been faced or discussed, and so, this proposition will rely heavily on the infrastructure currently set in place for larger scale mobile reactors, such as nuclear powered submarine vehicles. With the resources currently published on this subject, this document will give an overview and proposition for the following questions: How will the development of a nuclear powered car impact regulation and change infrastructure in our society? How will factories building these cars operate? What will the refueling stations, waste stations, and accident response teams be required of so that nuclear cars can operate safely?

Regulatory Infrastructure
United States has an active department that oversees the use of nuclear energy in the Unites States: Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission as of 2015 is charged with overseeing the development and licensing use of nuclear energy by civilians, their main objectives are to promote safe use of nuclear products and secure storage of the radioactive materials (U.S.NRC, 2014). This organization would be tasked with the oversight of development, testing, and implementation of nuclear energy motors that are incorporated into a civilian vehicle. The U.S. NRC would need to ensure that the nuclear engines and radioactive materials that go along with the engine are produced safely, the shielding is adequate to protect humans and environment from prolonged exposure and accidents, and that the nuclear engines would be capable to be self sustaining. T...

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... duties would be to create an appropriate response and organize all response actions. The nuclear engine itself must be capable of providing some emergency response in case of shutdown in addition to external emergency response.

Propositions for future research
With the vehicles capability of constant production of energy, the energy will require a venue for it to go when the vehicle is not drawing power. Can offload the energy through plug ins that would credit the vehicle’s owner for sharing energy on the grid.

Nuclear powered automobiles have the ability to become reality if the infrastructure, both physical and regulatory, was developed successfully along with the car. The car itself faces many challenges, how will the car cope with the weight? What will the automobile look like? How will the passengers be safe from the nuclear reaction?

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