Nuclear Energy And Nuclear Power Station Essay

Nuclear Energy And Nuclear Power Station Essay

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When people hear the word “nuclear” immediately they think of the nuclear bomb. Why? Because that is the only thing world governments talk about, is how they tested such bombs and how powerful they are. But, those people may not think that some of the electronics they use at home are powered by nuclear energy. Many oppose the use of nuclear energy saying it is too harmful. On the other hand, I support nuclear energy and how useful it is to the planet.
The USA is responsible for creating the first commercial pressurized water reactor called “Yankee Row,” which started in 1960. It was only until 1992 when it was finally fully operational. The first commercial power station in public areas was made in 1960, by General Electric. The first reactors were pressurized but soon changed to boiling water and the end of the 1960s. This is when major construction of the nuclear power station started. They were halted after a nuclear problem in 1979.
The Energy Policy Act of 1992 stated the U.S. must reduce its dependence on imported petroleum and improve air quality. It also said that other forms of energy should be found or used to reduce this dependence on foreign oil. After years of stopping the nuclear program, America turned back to the program as a response to this act.
Security was a big priority when first building a nuclear plant. Atomic stations throughout the years have ended up much more secure because of past disclosures. Anti-Nuclear energy people argue that these companies have not done enough, and it is still unsafe. They give examples such as, Fukushima and Chernobyl. Those such reactors were devastating occasions, yet can be totally explained.
Chernobyl was a horrific event in 1986 when a nuclear reactor pipe burst sending sm...

... middle of paper ...

...campaign, and has set new strict standards. The new advanced Generation III reactors are to be the first boiling water reactors, which can handle 1600 MWe of electricity altogether. The first ones have been made by GE, and as of now working in Japan. So far it has received certification by the government. These standards are similar to what Green America had set forward previously.
According to a U.S. Gallup poll, 81 percent of Americans liked nuclear energy use, and said licenses should be renewed. 77 percent said more nuclear reactors should be made in the future, but make them more efficient and safe.
As you can see, nuclear energy has proven to everyone that it has the ability to be a reliable source of energy, in addition to being clean. Besides being used just for the nuclear bomb, the industry has demonstrated how instrumental it can be for the planet.

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