Essay on The Novel ' Trainspotting '

Essay on The Novel ' Trainspotting '

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Irvine Welsh is a Scottish novelist, playwright, and short story author. He is well known from his best selling novel Trainspotting. He has adapted many of his books into screenplays and movies. Irvine Welsh was born in 1958 in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. His mother worked as a waitress and his father worked as a docker until his health made him work as a carpet salesman. When he was growing up, he lived in an area called Leith. The area was known for its ports and poverty in the 1980s. He moved to the prefabs in West Pilton and then onto Muirhouse’s mansionette flats. Muirhouse was part of a post-Second World War urban redevelopment program in Britain that increasingly relocated working-class communities in socially engineered estates comprising of highly concentrated flats (Kelly). Welsh explained the flats as “pretty drab housing schemes, not a lot there, but most people would have a bit of work and there’d be a chance of moving into something different and moving on or whatever” (Kelly). The housing area redeveloped as purely commercial places and tourist or consumer havens. Welsh left Ainslie Park Secondary School at the age of sixteen and took on various jobs. He was trained and worked in electrical engineering (Welsh). Welsh moved to London, where he was part of the punk music scene of the late 1970s. His drug addiction, inspiration from the music scene and his obsession with class warfare led to his novels Trainspotting and The Acid House. His works depict fictional characters that relate to the culture of the generation.
Through the late 1970s and 1980s heroin use in Britain became increasingly concentrated among the lower socio-economic class as an economic recession took place (Deacon). Welsh dealt with living in ...

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...inburgh and travels around these areas frequently.In July 2005, Welsh remarried for the second time to a woman 22 years younger. At 53, he does not have any children but he relieves that issue by creating music (Aitkinhead). Currently he is working on his newest novel for 2016, The Blade Artist (Burns). The description of the book is a cult favorite character, Francis Begbie has found the perfect life in California. He goes under the name of Jim Francis and is a painter and sculptor. The story takes a turn when his wife, Melanie finds something gruesome in California that might have been linked to Francis’s dark past (Burns). Irvine Welsh’s success can be traced back to past in Edinburgh, London. Many critics can’t comprehend his style of writing. The drug addiction, dealing with social class issues, and interest in music led to his creative and controversial works.

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