Essay on The Novel ' The Scarlet Letter '

Essay on The Novel ' The Scarlet Letter '

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Hester Prynne is the heroine in the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorn. The book is about a woman, Hester, who commits adultery who faces multiple challenges in the religious society due to the crime she has done. In the beginning of the novel we are shown that Hester is on the scaffold, she is with a child in her hand and she is coving something, the scarlet letter. We see her as bad person, due to the scarlet letter which she is given, and sometimes don’t realize that the meaning of the letter changed throughout the novel, but not only the letter, but Hester as well. As the novel progresses we see how Hester really is and how she is really not a bad person. We see the challenges that she has to face being restricted by the letter and how she has to overcome those challenges, I believe that Hester, despite being a fictional character, was one of the first feminist. Hester exhibits strength and wisdom, rather than allowing herself to fall victim to the circumstances she is in, she lives as a resilient woman and doesn’t allow herself and her sexuality to be controlled by the society’s practical norm. In the society she lives in that is kind of hard to do, she lives in a very religious society, were the crime she just committed will send her straight to hell; but she doesn’t let that stop her. Hester Prynne is not all what she is said to be, some only see her as adulteress, because of the title, and some of us see her as the brilliant woman she is: a caring mother and lover; the ability to raises from her ashes and make something good of it; and the way she defies the female stereotype.
The one person that you trust your life to is your mother, and that what Hester was before anything, a mother. Pearl, Hester’s daughter...

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...he deserved that punishment. When she was putt down but people, the villagers, the governor, her own husband she feel and came back up three times stronger.
Hester Prynne just happened to be in the wrong time period, if she were to live in today’s time then she would be okay and no one would judge her the way she was judged. Hester was one of the first feminist if you ask me. Her story has been told many times and have inspired many. This is why I addressed her as the Heroine of the novel, because she helps others, she fights for herself and she loves. Also history wise Hawthorne’s book was written during a time when a feminist movement was underway, in 1848. It was when females first started challenging America for their rights. Hester embodied the strong-willed spirt of those defiant women and to me is considered the most important heroines in American literature.

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