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The Novel Flight By Sherman Alexie Essay

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Hate is a powerful tool: it can break barriers, create violence, establish revenge, or destroy people entirely. Leaving behind rationality; “hatred is a way to shut down the mind to a degree, in order to handle overwhelming stress or trauma”(Wilson 2014), through hatred people detach themselves from practicality and inevitably ensue themselves with violence and revenge. The main character Zits in the novel Flight by Sherman Alexie goes on a spiritual journey to find out what hatred, violence, and revenge can cause. The cause of Zits hate, the violence from his past, the effects violence has, the symbol of Zits hate-Justice, and the change seen in Zits at the end of the novel all shows how hate develops throughout the story. Confronted with his vulnerability Zits learns in the end how to act out of love rather than out of hate.
Abuse and neglect in Zits life developed his hatred and discontent of people. After his mother 's death when he was six Zits had been left with the only family he had left, his aunt Zooey. We the reader learn later in the novel on pages 159 through 161 that Zits was molested by his aunt 's boyfriend. Indicated when zits talks of betrayal saying, “A man who hurt me” (Alexie 160). This traumatic event sheds light on how much Zits has bottled up for so many years. The combination of physical and mental abuse has constructed Zits inevitable spiritual journey consisting of him learning what hate violence, and revenge does. An example from the novel is when Zits is transported into the body of Art an FBI agent who worked with Hank who heartlessly kills a young Native American, Junior. Arts hate was not resolved and as a result he kills Junior. From this Zits turns into Jimmy who is an example of an i...

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Furthermore hatred, revenge, and violence evoke nothing but negative intentions. Zits journey of past lives had shown him all the wrong he had done in his life and looking onward to the future he can act out of love. Beginning to forgive others, he can confront his sexual molestation, abuse, and neglect from his foster homes all throughout his short teen life. In the beginning of the novel the absence of his family clearly relates to his abandonment which developed his feelings of hate, violence, and revenge. In the end the prospect of a happy family is ensued with Robert and Mary, although nothings perfect and there is always room for problems between family members. A tendency to hurt the one we love the most and as a result history could repeat itself. But that is an inevitable result of being in a family and for Michael nurture is well needed.

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