The Novel ' Dracula ' Essay examples

The Novel ' Dracula ' Essay examples

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The novel Dracula by Bram Stoker with an introduction by Leonard Wolf been the most romantic yet darkest novel I ever read. I’m so in love with the character Mina I think she is absolutely kind, weaken and with no voice whatsoever. The character of Count Dracula is my other favorite even thought he is as evil and villain but part of me is saying maybe he wants the revenge to win Mina heart back again. Plus Dracula has the ability to switch his shapes to wolf and at times he transforms his looks. My final favorite character is Renfield, because he is crazy and lunatic, however he has this believe in Dracula and his power. Basically he worships him and thinks Dracula is his superior/ lord. Funny thing no one believes what he says about Dracula till the truth reveals at the end.
I. I like the specific times that are listen in the book I think it’s a sign or warming of the raise of Dracula. Scary, yet exciting to me for somehow, it remains me of the weather changes and how we are updated with the news whether it’s raining or if tornadoes will come. For example in the ...

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