Essay on The Novel, By Ernest Hemingway

Essay on The Novel, By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway’s very first published novel isn’t some book you can critique as any ordinary ameteur literature, digging deeping we find that our friend Ernest here had a purpose more convoluted, yet clear, more abstract, yet concrete, and more public, yet personal, the story Ernest creates is his experiences, his characters, motifs, and themes all circulated around himself.

Characters; one of the many structures for any novel, and a structure that Ernest Hemingway incorporates far too well. Ernest introduces one of our main protagonists, Jake Barnes, the novel’s narrator, who can also regarded as Hemingway himself. Jake provides relatable and believability to a perspective that could be interpreted as the author, Ernest, as Jake expresses daunting feelings for his post-World War I lifestyle. However, our novel’s narrator is not firstly introduced, Robert Cohn, a jewish novelist and “once a middleweight boxing champion of Princeton”, is explained by Jake at the beginning of the book (Hemingway 11). Progressing further into the story, we are introduced to the story’s main love interest for many other characters, but mainly our protagonist Jake, Lady Brett Ashley. Jake and Robert are introduced to this character at a dancing-club. Later on, Jake explains to Robert how he knows Brett because “she was a V.A.D. in a hospital I was in during the war” (Hemingway 46). Throughout the rest of the book, all of these characters display certain traits, insecurity, passive aggressiveness, lust, and the very distinctive trait of alcoholism. Why would Ernest Hemingway consistently instantiate these ideas and feelings into his writing? What is the purpose for these characters and their actions?

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...r with no sense of right or wrong, as she pursues goals and achievements throughout the novel in which he attempts to not harm herself, or her friends.

Ernest Hemingway writes a lengthy tale that feels like an allegory to the Lost Generation. Ernest however, proves this along with other stances that reflect himself and his literature. Being a newcomer to the world of novelists, he writes a modernist tale that alludes to his trip to Spain, themes of intimacy and absentness, mythomania, alcoholism, and many other internal feelings that Ernest himself connects to his persona. Relationship between the writer and the written work, The Sun Also Rises feels like a tiny autobiography of Ernest explained through a Roman à clef, in which he fully consumes himself in the novel and produces a piece of literature full of vague commentary, blatant relatability, and human nature.

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