Notorious Classical Composers: Johannes Brahms Essay

Notorious Classical Composers: Johannes Brahms Essay

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Romantic music was the favored genre of the nineteenth century. There were a variety of elements that influenced romantic compositions during this time - some factors were nationalism, pride, money and social constraints. There was also an introduction of newer, move varied orchestration. also, one characteristic that implied a work of music was romantic was that there was a tension in the climax rather than a release. One composer that stood out during this period was Johannes Brahms, a traditionalist who wanted to honor German musical customs while creating innovative romantic symphonies. Brahms continued the eighteenth century classical traditions of Beethoven in the four symphonies he composed in the nineteenth century by making them classical in structure but romantic in tone. Composed in 1883, Brahms' Third symphony in F major, stands out as one of his significant pieces, composed at a time when he was growing into musical maturity. The first movement of this piece had a special place within 19th century symphonic tradition. it opens with an uplifting theme, which recurs all the way up to the coda with careful restraint that is characteristic of Brahms' classical approach within romantic contexts.
Although Brahms' Symphony no. 3 is entitled to be in the F major, the first movement opens with a dramatic three-chord motif (F-Ab-F) in the minor. It then transitions to the official F major and following the vigorous opening, this primary motif theme, measure number three to fourteen, continues with an energetic momentum that characterizes much of the symphony. The secondary theme is then introduced in the development in the A major, which sets a lighter tone. The theme is explored and developed throughout with frequent modulati...

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...nnovative sound. Many of Brahms' compositional techniques called for a marriage of various methods, often Beethovenien influences from the eighteenth century. With Beethoven as his ultimate idol, Brahms was considered by composers such as Schumann as a saviour of German music during the nineteenth century. Beethoven's stands as a sort of model for Brahms' Symphony no. 3 in that each movement takes the main themes and unravels and develops it to create a single work of music that is musically unified. Although not as complex or grand as , Brahms' symphonic methodology in composition seems to reflect Beethoven's in many aspects. Effectively carrying over eighteenth century traditions to the nineteenth century, Brahms' contributions to the symphonic tradition were paramount and he remains one of the most innovative virtuoso and composers of his time.

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