Essay Notes On The ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Essay Notes On The ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The pressure was on as the timer beeped for all basketball players to come back on court after half-time. Richmond Spirit and my team, the James River Eagles, were tied 11-11. The crowd waited in anticipation; no one would have expected us to tie with the top team in the league. It was clear something was different about our team of merely eight. As I reflect upon that game, I had always thought it was our physical strength. Yet, as I write this, I have come to realize it was not our skills that lead to our previous wins and tying with Richmond Spirit. I believe our victories resulted from the strength of our minds and spirits, and within that one year we had truly embodied our team’s motto from the Bible, “But they mount up with wings as EAGLES…” (Isaiah 40:31) (Emphasis added).
Before I had joined the James River Eagles, I would have never thought of the Eagles having a winning streak after merely a season. At the time, I was a year in my homeschooling and had just moved to Richmond, Virginia. I had previous experience playing basketball in late elementary and early middle school, but I had stopped playing for three years afterward. Therefore, I wanted a competitive team that could bring my skills back up and beyond to the collegiate level.
As I was looking for a homeschool basketball team, I found a few, including Richmond Spirit that attracted me. My mom tried contacting them, but none answered or called. In fact, she called all of the homeschooling teams she could find and the only one that contacted her back was the director of the James River Eagles, Mr. Mill.
I was not attracted to the Eagles at all because I did not know much about the team, and the little that I knew did not make them seem like a decent team I wanted to...

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...m that focused solely on basketball, but a team that gave me an enjoyable basketball experience, gave me wonderful friendships, and made me a better human being. During that second season, I had realized that my wish for a fantastic team really did come true, and the Eagles were causing others to realize this too. So by the time we heard the beep for us to get back onto court, just as no one expected us to tie with Richmond Spirit at half-time, no one would have expected what happened next.
Spirit came back stronger than ever. The brute force knocked us down, literally. In the end, we lost to them 15-21. We were disappointed, but we never let the loss bring us down. We knew that hardly anyone had ever been able to score that closely to Spirit. We also knew that because we opened our wings by expanding our minds and spirits, in that moment we truly became the Eagles.

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