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number of movements. Acts are usually defined in terms of what they achieve, that is, what change they make in the environment. Movements were presumed to be mere muscle contractions, and they were subject to the laws of association and Guthrie’s one law of learning. That is, movement are learned in an all-or-none fashion on one trial and are attached to the stimuli that accompanied them according to the law of contiguity. On the other hand, acts are composed of a variety of movements and they must be available under contrary environmental conditions. Acts require practice and are not learned in one trial. To summarize the above, a skill is made up of many acts, and acts are made up of many movements. The relationship between one set of stimuli and one movement is learned at full strength in one trial, but this learning does not bring about ability at a skill. For Guthrie, reinforcement was merely a mechanical arrangement, which he felt could be explained by his one law of learning. According to him, reinforcement changes the stimulating conditions and thereby prevents unlearning.
What are three methods for breaking bad habits, according to Guthrie? Describe each
briefly and then provide an example of a habit (real or fictive) that you will break.
Identify the method employed and the procedural components for habit breaking.
A habit is a response that has become associated with a large number of stimuli. According to Guthrie’s are three methods to breaks bad habits. These are threshold method, fatigue method, and incompatible response method.
Threshold method involves introducing the stimulus at such a weak strength that it will not cause the response and then gradually increasing the intensity of the stimulus, always taking care...

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... how to apply that knowledge to one’s individual life and ministry. As the book of Romans (New International Version) tells us, teachers must live what they teach because they will be judged on the basis of what they have taught. Moreover, teachers must have experiential knowledge of God 's word. In essence, this signifies they must comprehend through involvement not just head knowledge what they are schooling. If I have to say one thing that Thorndike and Guthrie applaud Christ for doing as he instructed his disciples, would be the way that His teaching caused great impact upon those who witness him. It is important to state that His way of teaching reflected his personal life because it involved the submission to His father’s will. Additionally, He was a role model in everything he taught; He persuades us to, daily, apply these teaching principles to our behavior.

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