Notes On The Importance Of Confidence Essay

Notes On The Importance Of Confidence Essay

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Tyler S. Hunt

Mr. Derek Bartholomew

ENGL 1113 – 95

21 September 2016

Under Pressure: The importance of confidence as a means to success

My high school golf coach enjoyed quizzing his students about the definition of confidence and what it means to the sport. If we were unable to produce the correct definition, which we often were, he would tell us that "confidence is the ability to control your actions and perform while under pressure." Without missing a beat, he would then go on to define pressure as "thinking about the consequences of your actions, good or bad". When I was playing golf in high school, confidence definitely applied to me in that way. However, as I begin to experience more and more in the out of high school "real world", I can see that while his definitions were more geared toward golf, the way that he defines confidence holds true for almost every other situation in every day.

Even though I may have always known my golf coach 's definition of confidence, I was always unable to give it to him when he asked. It could have been that I didn’t actually know it, or rather I felt that if I kept hearing him say it maybe it would actually start to manifest inside me. His whole point was that golf is a game of ups and downs and if you could keep some resemblance of confidence in your game throughout all eighteen holes you would end up having a good round. After some reflection, I 've found that this metaphor never really held true for me during high school especially in my first few years. It always seemed to start on the first hole, which is stressful even for professional golfers today. So when three to four teenagers are stuck on the first hole tee box it is almost always a complete and utter train wreck. Th...

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...ather than actively living in it. I would like to be the one who could just stand up and give a speech, or the one who always reads aloud in class, but I can never force myself to do so. I always seem to be locked in an internal dilemma which prevents me.

Confidence and determination are important in almost every thing that humans do. Whether it is at sports, my experiences with golf, or by showing off what you are capable of. Having the will to go out and try it is one thing, but having the confidence in yourself to actually pull it off is something completely different. That is what I have learned over my last nineteen years, just participating isn 't good enough, one must put themselves out there more and take risks regardless of what your inner-being is telling you. Luckily enough for me, there is no place better in the world to do this than a college campus.

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