Notes On Principles Of Interpersonal Communication Essay

Notes On Principles Of Interpersonal Communication Essay

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1. Outline the six (6) principles of interpersonal communication. (6 points)
Unavoidable- It is unavoidable to send out a message. Meaning it is impossible to not communicate whether it is with facial expressions or words.
Irreversible- words cannot be taken back there is not reset button. Once words have been spoken it is permanent forever, so it is irreversible.
Symbolic – Symbols are labels that bring out emotion, describe an object and state certain events. A good example would be the word cup it represents something we drink out of.
Rule governed- Rule governed is a way of communication to established authority and rules. For example, always say thank you when someone gives you a present or do not interrupt while anyone is talking.
Learned – learned is a way to teach meaning behind the words, tittles, a new subject and much more
Content and relationship - content level is words that you speak to another person and how you say those words. While the relationship level is how you receive the message and how you interpret.

2. Describe and explain the five (5) ethical systems of communication and how each can influence interpersonal communication. Illustrate your descriptions with real life-type scenarios or examples. (10 points)
Categorical imperative- Categorical is the ethical suggest that we should act as though we are an example to others. A good example is an older brother giving good examples and moral to a younger brother
Utilitarianism- Utilitarianism is what will be for the greatest good for someone. An example is if your friends tell you they got rape, is it best to report it or keep it to yourself. Making a decision based on the greater good.
Golden mean- Golden mean is what we should aim for harmony and balan...

... middle of paper ... leaders. Low distance cultures like the United States have a say in what they leaders do and can be paid close to what the leader makes. While a leader cannot get in trouble for their subordinates in a high distance culture a low distance culture can. An example would be employees not getting the job down which reflects on the supervisor who gets in trouble by the head manager for not watching them properly.
Low & high uncertainty Avoidance Cultures- Low avoidance cultures are categorized by minimum stress and anxiety while high Avoidance cultures categorized by high stress and anxiety. Low uncertainty Avoidance cultures like the United States are entrepreneurs they take risk. Investing a huge amount of money in a company is a risk while high uncertainty avoidance cultures like Russia stick to what they know and do not take risk but usually follow the rules.

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